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Picket Binders

Picket Binders

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This is an A3 sized custom binder made to fit group/member pickets or hand fans if you don't like to hang your pickets up or display them but still like collecting them!

Premium photos also fit in this binder!

The binder comes with 20 pages and can fit around 14 pickets in it comfortably while still snapping closed. You are more than welcome to utilize all 20 pages, the binder just may not snap closed or look as "neat" but it will still be functional!

I personally find that my pickets fit best without the protective plastic that the pickets come in but they should also fit well with the plastic

Binder Details:
-A3 size (13*17)
-20 side side loading plastic sheets
-Handle for easy carrying
-2 snap closures
-Binders fit all BTS tour pickets as well as pickets from other groups
-Pickets can be inserted with or without the original plastic
-BTS pickets inserted in the binder with the original plastic on might need to be folded or readjusted to fit




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